Monday, March 5, 2012

Less pregnant (CD1)

Just another Manic Monday... whoaaaaaa ohhhhhhh.... Otherwise known as the best Monday ever. Let me count the ways!

- I woke up to AF this morning. An hour before my alarm went off (yay!) I'm actually pretty surprised- she arrived crampless and without any particular fanfare. I'm hoping things stay that way because if so, this will be WAY less horrific than I had imagined. Actually, I kindof wish she'd just get on with things so this doesn't drag out too. But whatever. At least I didn't need to take my heating pad to work with me, right?

- My colleague's wife went into labor last night. Plus side? I don't have to listen to people asking him all day if she's popped yet. AND he'll be taking a month off. I can handle that.

- Blood draw took sticking and fishing in both arms today. The bruises are going to be EPIC.

- Leaving the lab for my FIFTH beta, there was a newborn and I lost my shit for the second time in ten minutes (the first was in the blood draw chair).

- Found out my beta dropped from 50 on Thursday, to 44 today. At least we're not actively growing anything anymore. I guess that's some good-ish news, right?

- IVF nurse called to give me my beta results, and seems to think I still need to cycle naturally after this PIO withdrawl bleed. This confuses me immensely. Because I don't cycle. It takes 60 effing days. And we're working with a deadline- I'll be out of the country May 3-13, so it's either April or June, no in between for us. Must. Get. Show. On. Road. If we have to cycle "naturally", I'm def out until June. And I will lose my shit again and get pretty crazy for the next three months.

- Wednesday's ultrasound was converted to a regular old WTF appointment to talk about our next cycle. Specifically, the GET IT DONE ASAP point. And the NO LUPRON point. And the Maybe we can do a saline sono to make sure there isn't anything left up in there point. Any other points I should cover?

- I discovered approximately one thousand mosquito bites on my feet and ankles from wearing flip flops all weekend. Curses!!!

So yeah. Best. Monday. Ever.


  1. Crummy! Wine and chocolate sound like a requirement (or you can insert your favorite drink and sweet). I hope things start looking up for you. Sending lots of hugs!

  2. You make me giggle. I love sarcasm - I use it a lot when talking about IF and TTC.
    I hope you are able to go with April so we can cycle together. They better get it figured out!
    I am glad that AF came for you and didn't draw itself out.

  3. After my IVF debacle, my RE let me start the pill and just stay on until we start IVF#2 (about 6 weeks total). She knows I never cycle on my own, so we decided to just get back on BCP. Hope this helps!

  4. *sighs sadly and hands you a bottle of merlot*

  5. I second all the 'go drink' comments. When you finish the Jenny's first bottle, I'll hand you a second. Or a box. Whatever your little heart desires!

  6. Definitely a crummy day. In addition to wine, I recommend good take-out, bad TV/ slap-stick comedy and a foot rub. A day like that needs to be buried.

  7. I'm sorry this ended up being the outcome. I hope you can get a plan together to get the show on the road ASAP. I agree with everyone else - grab whatever alcohol you can get your hands on!


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