Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chemical WTF Appt (& gross picture)

Our appointment went well today. I do have to give my RE credit- he makes our WTF appointments very calming and relaxed***. He answers my questions fully, and takes my crazy seriously. Without overtly telling me I'm a freak. (always a bonus) He started out telling me that, obviously, they're all very sorry it ended up this way, but that he's glad we discontinued medication last week as he suggested. Talked about how in the vast majority of cases, chemical pregnancies are an embryo problem, not something stemming from the uterine environment. There is some weak evidence that these embryo problems occur more frequently in PCOS patients, but that whether it is or isn't, there's no reason we shouldn't keep going the way we are. I know he brought up more than that, but I just can't remember what exactly.

We talked about our next cycle- the one we will get to do in APRIL. Heck yeah. Next time the nurse freaks me out about waiting forever and a half to get back on the horse, please remind me that TWICE they've said that and TWICE the RE said we could pick right back up. Please. Remind me.

It felt like this is trying to claw its way out of my uterus.
Also, it's what I feel like I turn into while on Lupron. X-Files FTW!
AND! The reason I have a porta potty fear and can't step on shower drains.
Basically, we're going to test my HCG on Monday, and if we're back to not-pregnant status start BCP. Judging by what's turned into quite the vigorously painful AF from hell, he fully expects us to be back under 5 by then. I'll be on BCP for 2-3 weeks, then start estrace fun when CD1 arrives. We will NOT BE DOING LUPRON (what what!) this time around. He's pretty darned sure the estrogen and my shitty ovaries will keep me sufficiently suppressed, but in the event that a follie forms, we'll cancel and try again next cycle.

This is an acceptable risk for us. With the level of batshit crazy I developed while cycling on lupron, it is far more worth delaying ourselves a month than risking it again. I have no desire to go back on antidepressants, and I know that is exactly where I would have ended up had I needed that injection of liquid depression. He said it's a very small risk given my history, and we will gladly take it. Plus, he said the lack of suppression may actually help my lining develop a little better this time around. Win win for everyone!

I asked about repeating the HSG or saline sonogram just to make sure the ute is all cleared out from this month's debacle, and he was completely on board. We'll schedule that on Monday.

I also asked about IV intralipid therapy- and he's actually not really super keen on it. In fact, he split up with a previous practice he was working at in the early 90's because of a disagreement over its use. In his opinion, the benefits are not strongly enough proven that they overcome the risks involved. He did seem very knowledgeable about the procedure and all, just doesn't advocate it as a tool to increase chances of obtaining a healthy pregnancy. At least we'll save money there!

He also fully supported my trips to the acupuncturist through the entire cycle (including the pre and post transfer visits) which makes me happy. If nothing else, he appreciates it for its calming qualities.

We'll deal with an exact calendar when my SIXTH beta comes back on Monday, but we are good to go for some time in the end of April. Two day 6 embies, provided they survive the thaw. If not, we'll use one of the day 7s (right now we have 3 day 6's and 3 day 7's).

Before we leave for our vacation, we'll know.

This makes me very. very. very. happy.

*** He may have also been placating me so I keep bringing them "I'm not mad at you for failing to get me pregnant" treats. I brought homemade english toffee for our Dec cycle, and these chocolate covered pretzels this time around.
Trader Joes Honey Wheat + Chocolate = Awesome


  1. glad you can get back on track so soon for the next cycle. it always feels better to be moving forward. thinking of you.


  2. Ok, first off, creepy picture! Second, I'm glad your appointment went well. Yay for no Lupron. This process is hard enough without drugs adding to your depressed feelings. I didn't have any issues with Lupron was Clomid was AWFUL for me!

    I have definitely had the thought that my PCOS leads to not great eggs. I took supplements for this past cycle and although we got a lot more eggs, I sometimes worry about the quality. They can only tell so much by looking at them. I thought about PGD recently but also found out it's REALLY expensive. Oh PCOS, you are so great!

    Glad you are getting the repeat HSG done. Mine is tomorrow and I'm getting nervous. I think it's a great idea!

    Weird about the intralipids, but I'm sure you trust him and his judgement. What are the risk involved? AHHHH, am I going to die? JK! I know it's useful for women who have activated NK cells. Do you take dexsamethasone? BTW, the cost is SO minimal compared to other IVF meds. I was quoted $35.00 without insurance.

    Where are my treats? Those look delicious! Where is Cali do you live? I don't think we could live any further apart. OK, I could live in Maine!

    Good luck with beta #6. I'm up for #5 tomorrow. Hopefully both will be low!

  3. I'm so glad you got some good information and perhaps some closure. Glad we'll be almost cycle buddies :)

  4. It sounds like your appointment went well - as good as can be expected anyway. I hope the next time has a much more positive outcome.

  5. I am am so glad your appointment went as good as could be expected. It sounds like you have a great RE that is a good match with you! Awesome news about the Lupron. I definitely agree it is WAY better not to take something you DON'T need! If your body can handle not ovulating all on its own, let's just let it do what it does best!
    And April is wonderful news. I hope to God this is your last try. Xoxo.

    1. I'm sorry you've been going through this.

      I hear you on waiting...I've been sidelined twice, but I think it gives you a great chance to recoup mentally and physically.

  6. Sounds like we are cycling up together. I'm glad for this. I just have to pray that my SHG gives me the go-ahead.

    Glad to be going through this with ya. And that X-files pic...I just saw that episode and it's freaky.

  7. I so admire your positivity and determination despite all you have been through. I am sending all my good vibes your way!


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