Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, hello there!

Guess who arrived? CD 1! On Saturday. At the risk of over-sharing, you could TELL that it had been almost 60 days since my last cycle. Things were not pretty in Ladyville. But that's the price I'll pay. The cramps weren't horrific this time, only really bothering me over the weekend. No warning cramps though, like I usually do, which was part of the horror. I'm very curious what was different this time around. I mean, the only thing I actively did different was NOT see an acupuncturist. Which I was convinced was a whole bunch of hand-waving, but now? Maybe I could use a little more hocus-pocus in my life.

We're moving again tomorrow moved yesterday. Into a duplex with a yard on a greenbelt full of healthy running paths and doggie play areas and three bedrooms and good times to be had. We've been in a little corporate apartment for the last 40 days, and we're feeling it. We'll also be closer to the pool I joined, so all that'll be good for my McFatty ways. (Ignore the mouth full of macaroni and cheese. We haven't hadn't moved yet, duh.)

The move has been incredibly overwhelming and all consuming, mainly due to the fact that Dr Boy can't lift anything due to the 10-days post-appendectomy. He assures me he's fine, but I'm terrified of the hernia the surgeon warned of if he was too active too soon. At least everything's in the new place now, and we're just in the unpacking phase. I should take a picture tonight. It's horrifying.

Anyone want to come help? I make a mean crock pot of chili... If I can find the crock pot, that is...

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  1. Moving is so fun! I'm trying to convince my husband it's time to move again. i would gladly help for some chili!

    Also, it was kind of fun being a fake drunk. I think I actually started acting drunk as everyone around me got drunk. Too funny.


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