Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Team" Sports

It's hard for me to consider swimming a "team sport". It makes sense in the whole relay-style competitions, but even then, you're doing something by yourself, and you just happen to only participate a percentage of the time. But when I went to the pool yesterday and said I wanted to sign up for classes, the instructor, sorry, the Coach made sure I knew it was a "team", not "class". So call it what you will, but at least I did.... three days late.

I have no excuse for not going Friday night.... other than the 40mph winds, temps in the 40s, and rain... but who's counting, right? I love weather! I was just tired, and napped instead of being a productive human being. So I went last night, swam, and loved it. Like I always do. And I'll use that to keep me going back.

So there's one in the plus column for this week. There were quite a few negatives, the least of which was an emergency (are they ever NOT) appendectomy Saturday afternoon/evening for Dr Boy. And yes, he self-diagnosed. Thank god he listened to his body (where did I hear that one this month? Oh yeah!) and didn't try and tough it out. The thing didn't rupture, but it had curled up almost into a knot- I think it went into the fetal position when it didn't feel good. That's the story I'm sticking to at least.

So lots of stress-eating this week. Let's just say that before Dr Boy went into the hospital, we had the better portion of a gallon of ice cream in the freezer. When he came home, elves had eaten it. Elves. I swear, it was elves. He's doing much better now, so I'm going to do well this week. The Scale of Doom comes out of storage next Tuesday... and I. Have. The. Fear.

Wish me luck...

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