Thursday, May 24, 2012


Because I can't do much better than a scattered list of categories today.

- It should not be necessary to TELL someone watching your kid to refrain from putting said kid in the washing machine. Even if he/she has a blowout poop.
- I saw a segment on the news last night about how lots of children are snacking on those new laundry pods coming out, and how it's "easy to forget laundry detergent should be child-proofed". Seriously? Show me someone that easily forgets that. Seriously. (wait, don't. i don't want to meet the person that forgot that AND managed to get knocked up. i don't.)

- Her Royal Fab talked about her second round of IVF in terms of a redux- a second, more positive and kick-ass version of the first time around. I shall do the same.
- I'm trying to get to the happy place in my mind where a second round of IVF, and a fourth transfer, has a fantastic chance at working. Luck of the draw, schmuck of the draw- tell me why it's going to work this time?
- Here's the pretty colored calendar I mentioned last time. My boat is still floated by it.

- You will notice that I have ten days until stims start again. Oy vey.

- When we left for vacation, our dirt looked like this:
Much more dirt-like

- When we got back from vacation, our dirt looked like this:
Less dirt-like, more house like

- Holy crap, we might actually be moving in August. For real.

- Heeyouge bonus points to those of you that recognized the Galapagos in our vacation pics... or did I mention it somewhere? Either way, bonus points.
- I want to be back there now. NOW.
- More pictures!
The ship we sailed on
Another species of boobie (without blue feet)
I feel like this today
He was a nice snorkeling buddy (same day as the penguins)


  1. I can tell you one thing about IVF the second time around, somehow it was (at least for me) easier. You know what to expect, and you can anticipate what comes next with a little less fear.

    I'm sending lots of good vibes your way!

  2. So many good things in your post! I think IVF#2 will work like a charm and you'll be pregnant by the time you move into your brand new house! : )

  3. Wishing you all the luck in the world for IVF #2. And I feel like a crab today, too. :) Yay for being crabby!

  4. Wow, I realized you had bought a place but I didn't know you were building - how exciting! My advice is to make sure you have an actual pantry (she says, having spent most of the week cramming food into inconveniently-sized cabinets). Good luck with both projects, I'm rooting for you on IVF #2!

  5. I'm in a similar spot! I had a failed ivf and failed FET (4 embryos didn't implant!). We're going on to ivf #2 and I just started birth control last night. I'm just a few days behind you. Good luck and I'll be checking in! ~DR

  6. Holy shit, I know that shark was harmless but I still would have been outta there. Sharks are one of my phobias. You're so brave! ;)

  7. I know this can work for you. It's just so hard to do something again and again without assurance it will come out positive. I am sorry friend. I am looking forward to cheering you on this time and hope that you can find the strength and humor to keep up updated.
    That vacation and house look amazing! Yay for you!

  8. Good luck on your ultrasound tomorrow!


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