Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nope Squared.

I had some really light dark brown spotting yesterday afternoon, and immediately my mind rushed towards implantation bleeding. I mean, I was 11 DPO, so it was still within the realm of possibility, right? On the late side, but I hadn't been cramping at all yet (last time I had lots of pre-AF cramps) so I didn't think anything of it in terms of AF.

I went to my hour-long swim class which was awesome (did some of my first flip turns! actually make progress on this fitness thing!). I ate my last meal for 24-hours (Yom Kippur), planning on only drinking water through tonight. And then AF arrived, pretty much all at once, cramps and all.

Super. IUI #2, fail. And I guess technically, on CD11. Which means I can add a short luteal phase to my resume. I was on no progesterone support this time around because that hadn't been a problem last time, though really, AF only arrived 12 hours earlier than it did with IUI #1. The RE said they didn't think it would be a problem.

Whatever. It was obviously a problem this time. Along with a piss-poor response to the stims overall. 3 vials of menopur for most of the cycle, 19 shots, and only one measly 18.5 mm follie? Lame. My RE always calls my ovaries loaded guns because of all the cysts from my dang PCOS- Guess they're loaded guns that keep misfiring.

This month is a break of sorts. We'll be out of town CD8-18, which means no stimming for us. I'm not sure what we're going to do next. I do have an appt on Monday morning to discuss things. And probably do some crying.

I'm good at that.

Good luck to the billion of you (at least it feels like) that were cycling at the same time as me this month- and thank you for all the support!!!

(dear god is it sunset yet? i'm flippin' hungry)


  1. Ugh. Suck.

    I'm so sorry. I wanted this so badly for you :(

    I hope that you when you finally got to eat something you ate something really good and indulgent

  2. So sorry, it always sucks. But I know it sucks more during an IUI cycle.

    That does sound like a short LP. I was informed by another blogger that progesterone support during LP has no known negative side effects, so there is no harm in using it every cycle. So maybe ask your doc about that?

  3. oh crap this is not what i wanted to hear.
    sending hugs and hoping that you are able to enjoy your month off.

  4. Bleh :( :( Especially not the kind of revelation to get ON Yom Kippur. I hope you have a good break this month, and a good cry later, and also a good chocolatey consolation prize.

  5. I'm sorry about this! Ugh, this sucks. :(

  6. I am so sorry hon. :-(
    Sending you a humungous hug!

  7. I'm so sorry, sweetie. I think we are all good at crying. Some months I worry I might cry out all the tears in my body. Lucky for me, my body may stink at egg production but is SURE does pump out tears. *big hugs*

  8. I'm so sorry this cycle was a bust. Hoping you come up with a good plan for the future soon. ((hugs))

  9. I'm really sorry. :(

    I'll be joining you in misery very shortly. Two days of spotting and I think AF will probably arrive today. The bitch.

  10. So, so sorry. Unfair. :( Hang in there and if you need to get together and pamper yourself with a pedicure again let me know when you are up to it. You deserve it!


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