Monday, October 15, 2012

Grateful (w bump pic)

<tap tap> Is this thing on???

I'm still here, trucking away. I am incredibly grateful to be able to say that we are still pregnant, and complication free thus far. I'm 19 weeks and 2 days today, and so, so appreciative that we have been able to make it this far.

It was a ridiculously busy last three months. A lot of these things need separate posts, but in a nutshell, we've:

- Dealt with a severe case of pleurisy between wks 7-10 of pregnancy, requiring three x-rays, a CT scan, and narcotics. (Mom of the year!)

- Moved out of our rental and into a hotel because our house wasn't built in time and our lease was up.

- Switched hotel rooms because the suite was double-booked for part of our stay

- Moved into our brand new house after 31 lovely days in the hotel.

- Had various contractors in and out of our brand new house nearly daily, because it still wasn't done when we moved in but we were D-O-N-E with hotel living.

- Progressed fairly easily through the end of the first tri and start of the second with no real issues so far. EXCEPT for this lovely pubic bone pain, known as Symphysis Pubis Diastasis. It sucks balls. Totally not round ligament pain, just it's own special pubic bone ligament. Ow. 

- Went to San Diego for a week. 

And other awesome stuff. We passed our NT scan with flying colors, came out to the world about the pregnancy, and have our gender scan on Wednesday (though we're not going to peek at the bits, keeping it a surprise for the birth). I *may* have even felt the mini move two weeks ago today, though it has yet to give me a repeat performance. Stupid anterior placenta of doom!

Thanks to all of you who have emailed checking in on me- it's very much appreciated! I'll get back to my regularly scheduled programming now, and keep ya'll much more up to date. I don't want to let this slide again and miss out on remembering this pregnancy. 

18 weeks, 6 days bumpdate
(in the crying bathroom)


  1. wonderful..wonderful news!!

  2. Long time follower, who wondered where you were. Glad to know you are doing so well!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are alive and well, I had been wondering! Loving' the bump!!!!

  4. You're alive!!! So glad to hear you're finally moved into your new home, things are calmer on that front. And look at you! So cute. Grow mini grow!!!

  5. Whoowee! Glad you and yourquick wit are back! We missed you and mini!

  6. Ahhh! It's so great to see an update from you! I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping everything was okay and you were just busy, or didn't feel like blogging. No wonder you were MIA, it sounds like you've had a hectic few months. I look forward to reading more upcoming updates! Oh, and I'm lovin' the bump :)

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  8. So great to finally get an update from you!!! So happy to hear you're ok and the pregnancy with mini meier is doing well.

  9. So glad to see you back and doing so well. You HAVE been busy these past few months. Looking forward to following this fun journey with you.

  10. Yay! 19 weeks already, holy cow! Looking great and glad everything is going relatively well!

  11. So glad you are back and looking so happy in the crying bathroom!!!!!!

  12. glad that all is going well! you look great!!


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