Friday, February 4, 2011

Yo Colorado Wheeeeeee!!!!

So... One of my friends, J, whom I met in grad school school, turned thirty yesterday. J lives in Austin, way too far from our current southwest abode, so we all decided to fly out to Colorado to celebrate her dirty thirty in style- skiing at Breckinridge.

Unfortunately, aunt flo decided to make an impromptu visit yesterday... Hours before our flight. This would be on cycle day 35, for those of you counting.... A week before it's expected arrival date. I always prepare for those things, so that was ok.... Except I'm more bloated than I've ever been before and my ski pants barely fit. Thank god there's no scale here, 'cause I feel like a beached whale.

Worse off, I've never been this.... Ummmm.... Heavy in a cycle before.... You know what I mean. Like, ummmm.... Nervous you're not taking care of things often enough? Yeah, that's pretty much what I want to be dealing with my first time skiing.

So have a fantabulous time this weekend.... And think happy cycle thoughts for me. God knows I need them :)

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  1. Good Luck! And yes, agree, we would get along fabulously IRL!


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