Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warm Fuzzy

Things that I loved about today:

1. Fun times at work! The new job is really fun, and I'm absolutely loving learning a new skill-set. It's a lot of the same, but with a new spin. Having a new challenge is refreshing. I missed it.

2. Fun small walk with the Pooper, our neurotic dog. She's liking the temp housing we're at and the pond across the street.... lots of jackrabbits to chase!

3. Coffee date with great people. There have been more social events in the week we've been here than we ever had in a week's time back in our old city. For that reason alone, I know we made the right call moving up here, despite some of the drawbacks.

4. Making the first step towards being an aquatic Master. One hour swim class. For my lame-o out of shape butt. Man, am I sore and tired ALREADY. I will sleep fantastically tonight... for the first time this week.

5. Knowing I will sleep FANTASTICALLY tonight.

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