Behind the Madness (a.k.a. about us)

Dr Boy met in college, when I was a naive freshman and he a dreamy Biology major studying for the MCAT. After three years together, and three years long-distance, we finally moved back to the same city and got married when he graduated from med school. We're been married since June 2006, and TTC since January of 2009. His swimmers are A-O-K, except for a wee bit high agglutination and viscosity. My ovaries however, not so much. I've got PCOS that doesn't like to respond to changes in diet or the addition of thyroid meds or metformin. They're swell. They do, however, perform like rockstars during an IVF stim, but it still took forever to convince an embie to hang out for the long haul. We are finally pregnant (the mini Meier is due on March 9, 2013) off of a fresh IVF cycle after a failed IVF and two failed FETs.

For the time being, our family consists of two cats and a dog. They amuse us to no end.
Hannah as a baby (just as fretful then as she is now)

Vesta (our recovered-diabetic drama queen)
Ellie is the vocal one. Mrooooooow!!!

In our spare time, Dr Boy likes to golf. Typical. He also thoroughly enjoys blowing people up on the Xbox. I have an unhealthy love of my newly-found gardening skills. I also enjoy a good bottle of wine. Or three. We both pretend that we like to run, swim, and cycle (the city we live in would kick us out otherwise!).

Thanks for reading along! And if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!